Coronavirus Update

 We are hoping to open on the 4th July and We are only taking bookings.

Bookings via website or download mySALONapp on Apple or Google Play. Unfortunately we will not be operating a walk in service, as the appointments will allow us to manage the social distancing rules.

Or you can still call 02084221349


Steps we’ve always taken

1 Sterilising equipment between cuts

2 Razor blades changed between cuts

3 New neck roll,towels every cut

4 Regularly clean shop

Additional new steps

1  Fresh gown every cut

2  Stylist wearing gown, gloves and masks

3 Distance (2 metres) between client chairs

4 We wash our hands before and after each client

5 We wear a dedicated uniform in the salon

6 We clean tools, product packaging, styling station, chair and basin after each client.

On opening our salon, things will be different.

We would love to give you a hug and welcome you back but we can’t!

Anti-bacterial gel will be provided on arrival.

Masks will be available, if you have your own that will be appreciated.

We are prevented from serving drinks and providing reading material and request that you attend your appointment alone.Unfortunately there will be no access to toilets.

We are obliged to gather your contact details in case we need to inform you of any COVID-19 issue.

These new procedures have been put into place for the safety of our clients and staff and to adhere to the Government’s requirements.  In addition to these new procedures there is a 15 min gap between appointments to ensure all equipment and chairs are sterilised.  We will endeavour to still provide you with the best service possible.

The team at Alex’s is looking forward to welcoming you back. If you have any concerns please call the salon and one of the team will help answer any questions you may have.

Stay safe


All the team has completed this certification.