Colour Care

As L’Orêal Professionnel is renowned as an expert in colour, there is no suprise that everything we know about colour goes into our colour haircare ranges. Serie expert benefits from similar advanced care technology found in our professional colourants, making it the perfect compliment to a professional colour service. Our colour care range is specifically designed to protect your colour investment and prolong your colour radiance.

Vitamino Colour

Vitamino colour shampoo shade

Insurance starts with the creamy-light shampoo that uses Incell Hydro-Resist double-locking technology. The protecting shampoo, specifically designed for coloured hair, prolongs colour radiance intensity with a lightweight film that repels water, helping to protect colour and enhance shine.

Vitamino colour masque

The nourishing masque enriched with Incell Hydro-Resist double- locking technology targets weakened areas of the hair and wraps each hair with a lightweight film to protect against everyday wear and tear, which can zap colour radiance intensity. Hair is intensely nourished, and protected in just 60 seconds.

Lumino Contrast

Umino contrast shampoo

Give highlights high definition with this radiance enhancing shampoo, enriched with Nutriceride, a combination of ceramides and nutritive oils. The formula reinforces and rehydrates leaving hair feeling soft to the touch. Highlights look revived with enhanced radiance.

Repair Care

Whether you’ve overused your styling tools, let environmental aggressors such as sun exposure, pollution and air conditioning damage your hair or simply neglected your locks, there is a tailor-made solution to your problem. serie expert’s repair care range has nourishing and protecting properties to give damaged, dry or sensitised hair the care it needs, helping your hair look as good as new.

Absolut Repair

Absolut repair shampoo

Give highlights high definition with this radiance enhancing shampoo, enriched with Nutriceride, a combination of ceramides and nutritive oils. The formula reinforces and rehydrates leaving hair feeling soft to the touch. Highlights look revived with enhanced radiance.

Abslout repair masque

Treat sensitised, seriously moisture-sapped hair with this nourishing makeover masque. The lusciously lux formula, enriched with Neofibrine-a cocktail of ceramides and a shine-enhancer- conditions to replenish, renovate and create a dream gleam.

Thermo repair cream

Turn on the benefits of this thermo repair cream featuring new Amidocell technology and help protect from heat-styling damage. Enriched with ceramides and starch molecules, heat encourages the formula to lock in actives, for hair that feels silky, looks shiny with increased protection.

Intense Repair

Intense repair shampoo

Moisture-starved hair is cleansed and quenched with this nourishing shampoo. Featuring Cuti Liss, technology that brings together vitamin B6 ceramides, proteins and amino acids, the formula works hard to replenish and smooth and helps hair to be better protected against daily wear and tear.

Intense repair masque

Hair laps up the goodness of this make-a-difference masque, a super-source of hydration and intense nourishment. Starring Cuti Liss- a cocktail of vitamin B6, ceramides, proteins and amino acids, this conditioning formula helps to nourish and nurture. Hair feels softer and supple and looks glamorously glossy.

Reinforcing Care

Brittle hair that breaks easily is a common problem. Heat styling can weaken it. Friction and tugging from brushing and styling can make it fragile. With serie expert, no problem is left unanswered. Our reinforcing care range delivers outstanding, targeted technology and it fortifies weak hair while increasing its suppleness. Hair is left resilient yet soft and supple. No longer at breaking point.

Force Vector

Force vector shampoo

This breakage-defense shampoo features Glycocell technology, designed to deliver a super charge of Incell. Combined with Royal Jelly extract, the formula nourishes and fortifies, while leaving the hair beautifully supple and smooth. Looking revived and more resilient.

Force vector masque

Protect and amplify the reinforcing effects of force vector shampoo with this breakage-defense masque. Enriched with Glycocell a fusion of Incell and Royal Jelly extract, it envelops each fibre, sealing in the ingredients post-wash, leaving hair feeling more resilient and stronger, while creating new found softness and shine.

Scalp Care

Because beautiful hair begins with a healthy looking scalp, it is important to take care of your scalp as you do your skin. The cleanse and control range from serie expert offers expert care and personalised solutions to deal with any of your scalp concerns: whether it be a flaky scalp, thinning hair or even mild discomfort; so you can have naturally healthy looking and beautiful hair every day.

Cleanse and Control

Sensi balance shampoo

A gently cleansing, scalp-comforting shampoo containing Sorbitwin-a combination of sorbitol derivative, a moisturising ingredient and vitamin PP – that performs a great balancing act, moisturising to soothe the scalp and refresh hair in one step.

Instant clear shampoo

Eliminate visible flakes with this clarifying shampoo, specifically designed for those with occasional dandruff. The purifying formula, incorporating Alpha Piritone-a complex of zinc pyrithione and a-bisabolol derived from camomile- helps combat and control flakiness. Hair feels swishably light and fresh.

Power clear shampoo

Serie expert’s ant-dandruff shampoo is designed to eliminate persistent flakiness. The powerful yet comforting formula, which contains Selenium AP, provides a fast-acting and long-lasting solution to frequent flakiness.


Layrite Original Pomade

The extremely versatile Original Pomade provides excellent all-day hold for short, fine, or normal hair and can be used to create put-together or messy styles with a medium shine. This traditional pomade has a mild vanilla fragrance and looks and feels like an extremely thick gel. It’s easy to spread in the palm of your hands, distributes easily through your hair, and is easy to style with your hands or a comb. The superior hold and medium shine are ideal for messy wet looks including textured crew cuts, fades, fauxhawks, quiffs, and spikes, or classic put-together styles including slick-backs, side parts, and low pomp’s.

Layrite Original Super Hold Pomade

Use Layrite Superhold Pomade to sculpt extremely curly hair, course hair, and thick hair or to create high-elevation men’s hairstyles that require extreme hold. Superhold is nearly identical to the Original Pomade but contains water-based beeswax to increase hold.

Layrite Original Grooming Spray

Use for a dry style that wonʼt leave your hair feeling overly stiff or crispy. Layrite Grooming Spray is a light grooming spray, used in the barber shops to create a bit volume and prep the hair during the drying process for a good dose of Pomade.

American Crew



High hold with low shine. Fiber-like, resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish. Works well in shorter hair, 1-3 inches in length.

Daily Conditioner

With enhanced conditioning properties, our Daily Conditioner stimulates the scalp while promoting the appearance and feeling of healthy hair and scalp.

Power Cleanser Style Remover

Daily shampoo to remove build up for all types of hair. Removes even the strongest styling products. Give your hair the maximum in deep cleansing.

Daily Moisturising Shampoo

With enhanced moisturising properties, our new and improved Daily Moisturising Shampoo will provide moisture balance while cleansing and invigorating hair and scalp.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dry scalp treatment. Effectively promotes healthy looking hair and scalp. The active ingredient, Zinc Pyrithione, helps prevent the itching and flaking associated with dandruff. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is also an ideal treatment shampoo for use during winter months, in dry climates, or 1-2 times a week for healthy scalp maintenance.