Our Services

Our surroundings have been specifically designed with warm woods and soft lighting with the aim to make you feel relaxed with us and when you leave. Alex’s has tried to achieve an ambiance of a cosy bar so with one of our services or treatments we offer complimentary bean to cup coffee, beer, gin and tonic added with a conversation and a touch of jazz in the background. We hope you build your visit into your monthly routine.

But essentially Alex’s always wants it to be about your hair, that’s why you are coming in, that’s why we are here.

Full Head Tint

A full head of colour is where one colour is applied all over the head from roots to tips, using permanent colour to cover grey and lift virgin hair by up to 3 levels.  We have either a classic ammonia based colour (Majirel) or an oil based colour (INOA)


Majirel: £45

INOA: £50

Root Tint

An application of colour to the new growth of your previously coloured hair. This is done 4 to 6 weeks to maintain a beautifully blended tone with less colour fading.


Majirel: £40

INOA: £43


A Glaze is clear colour to add mirror shine to the hair without changing you natural tones. You may also opt for the Semi for one dimensional colour to enhance your natural colour. This is done every 6-8 weeks as the colour fade will quicken due to being only a semi permanent colour.

Price: £38


Glossing is usually applied after a Highlight or Balayage service for neutralising unwanted warmth or by adding 2 or 3 dimensional colour for that lightness and contrast we all desire naturally for that sun kissed feel. We always recommended a glossing to rejuvenate and boost your previous colour service every 4-6 weeks as your hairs porosity will let go of the tone quicker after any highlighting service. This will ensure to keep that polish feel.

Price: £45


Highlights are a great way of brightening your hair and lifting your natural base to create lightness and contrast. Highlights are simply strands of hair that are lighter than your natural colour. We also offer Lowlights as a technique which involves darkening strands of hair using colours that are darker or the same depth as your natural colour to help add strength and dimension. 2-3 month maintenance


Full foils: £110

Half head: £85


Balayage is a colour application technique, rather than a specific colour itself. The word translates to “sweep” or “paint” in French. Bright around the face, blended at the roots, lighter ends, and effortlessly natural are all descriptors of balayage hair.  Almost like you spent a summer at the beach. The balayage technique is used to achieve a very naturally blended, lightened look, it’s very low maintenance. As a general rule a touch up would be every 4-6 months with Glossing in between to keep that fresh feel.


Ponytail & few scattered: £50 + Gloss

14 pieces: £100 + Gloss 

Micro lights: £125 + Gloss 

Classic: £150 + Gloss 

Californian (Heavy paint): £175 + Gloss 

Cut & Blow Dry

Your appointment will begin with a consultation where you and your stylist can discuss different styles and what will work best for you and your hair. Your stylist will recommend the correct wash and care products to cleanse and condition your hair at the backwash. Your hair will then be washed and conditioned. Following this, your hair will be cut to suit the desired result. Your hair will then be finished with a luxury blow dry.

Please note there is an additional charge for appointments that need to be extended to include having a change of style or blow dry for long hair as the finishing is very important to a cut.


Short (Pixie): £35

Medium (Bob): £40

Long: £45

Extra long: £55

Restyled: £50

Curly cuts price on consultation 

Wash and Cut

Price: From £30 to £35

Blow Dry

For the true pampered feeling we will wash and blow dry your for desired results.

Please note there is an additional charge for appointments that need to be extended to include a blow dry long or additional styling, such as wanding, curling.


Short: £22

Medium: £28

Long: £35

Extra long: £45

Brazillian Blow Dry

A smoothing system that makes your hair easy to manage so you can go out and enjoy your day without the hassle.         


£120 – £160


Either adding a light wave to encourage body or a lovely defined bouncy curl.        


Partial: £50

Short to medium hair: £90

Long hair: £120

Spiral: £150


Please note prior to your first colour appointment we require a skin test to check for allergies or reactions (which needs to be applied at least 48 hours before the appointment).